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One of the most sensitive topic among teenagers.

How many of you look in the mirror, looked down on yourself and felt ashame of how you look like?

We are so influenced by the society and its' teaching of wrong definition of beauty.

We are shown and taught how to act & look beautiful yet nobody teaches us how to love ourselves for who we truly are.

Truth is, yes, you can change how you look like, how you act and speak but the only person you are fooling is yourself because you are not being the real you.

I challenge you with these questions:

Why do you try so hard to please society?

To please everyone else?

What benefits do you really gain from trying to fit in and to be someone you are not?



All of that are TEMPORARY. Be true to yourself. Change society for the better, do not let society change you.

We teenagers are so busy trying to fit in and keep up with trends that we forget self-respect & self-love.

Accepting yourself is a choice, start now.

Lose everything else but yourself.