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Sometimes we are so occupied with our problems and we tend to overthink how to solve them, that we forget about ourselves.

Take some time alone, sit back and ask yourself:

What is your limit?

Are you too scared to face reality that you just settle with the comfotable situation you are in instead of pushing yourself to know your limit? Have you ever thought of going out of your comfort zone?

When handling problems, there are two attitudes that teenagers most likely do:


It's all up to you.


Teenagers being in High School are having the busiest part of their lives. When there is too much on your plate, when parents scold you when you come home late, homeworks, reports, college entrance exams, peer pressures, love lives.. Oh the list goes on!!!

Having so much to do with so little time. Teenagers' biggest enemy is STRESS.

Everybody experiences stress all the time. But not everyone knows how to deal with it.

Below is the breakdown of the Top problems teenagers face in school:

Main sources of stress for teenagers are:

Workload | Exams | Grades | Pressure

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Time Management

Time's up!
Having grace over time pressure

Not organized? Lack of conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities? Finding it hard to manage both studies and social life?

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Peer problem

Friends are for life
but who says we don't have problems with friends

Are you an introvert? Not an outgoing type? Dealing with friendship dramas? Being bullied?

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