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Making things work

In order for a relationship to work, effort must come from both sides.

It is important that the decision of making things work is mutual for both and not one-sided.

It is also important to love the person sincerely.

If you are unsure of your feelings, then do not pursue the person and give him/her false hope.

You cannot go around playing with people's feelings and hurting them just because you are uncertain of what you are really feeling.

Take your time to find out whether you are ready for such commitments, responsibilities, and consequences of your decisions.

Toxic relationships

There are relationships that we wish will last forever.

We want it to last so bad that we do not realize it is already bad for us.

Your partner has to bring out the best in you and you need to be able to help each other grow.

If that is not the case, then you have to take a step back and have a good think whether or not it is still worth having or fighting for.

Love yourself first before you try to love someone else.

Do not give anyone the ability to hurt you.

Do not lose yourself trying to love someone who cannot possibly love you the way you love them.

It is never wrong to be selfish by putting yourself as a priority.

Last but not the least, Do not settle for less than what you deserve.

Moving On

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with heartbreaks & letting go.

But if you are lost and not knowing where or how to start, here are some tips for you:



Deny and cry all you want. Pour it all out and never try to resist the pain that you're feeling.

As ironic as it seems, enjoy and embrace it. Admit to yourself that at this point of your life, you're vulnerable and there's really nothing you can do but go through this stage of sorrow.

Some things you can do will be:

1) Surround yourself with positive people who care about your well-being and will always be a source of happiness, strength, and support.

2) Keep yourself busy.

3) Go out and meet new people, don't isolate yourself.

4) Listen to sad songs and cry it all out till you can't cry anymore.

5) Talk to your loved ones and if possible ask them for advice instead of just keeping everything to yourself.

6) Talk to someone close to you, whom you can trust and is willing to listen to you while you vent your anger out.



You will always think that it is your fault. Blaming yourself for the failure of your relationship.

However, think about it this way, relationship consists of two people and that is the start of thinking and acting as one.

Having mutual feelings, thinking and priorities are very important because without these your relationship will not work and go nowhere.

The most important thing is that you gave and did everything you could to save your relationship.

It is better to say "At least I did something to save us." rather than having regrets for not doing anything when you still could have done something.



This is the time when you'll be able to tell yourself, enough is enough.

This is the time to pick yourself up from your downfall.

It is also the time when you'll realize that you deserve so much better and that you've been wasting your time, effort, and tears on a person who didn't care and loved you enough to stay and fight for the relationship you've built together.

Here, you'll know your self-worth and learning that you need to let go of some people not only for them but also for yourself.

Always remember, people come and go but the right ones will always stay.

Set yourself free, it's your only way to finding true happiness.

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