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Time Management

Managing both studies & social life at the same time

Start off with the hardest thing to do, planning your time well.

The only thing that makes planning and managing time hard is the habit we are used to doing.

Procastinations and delaying the important things we need to do, leaving it to last minute.


Turning away from your old habit

1. Have a to-do list every single day, list it by the most urgent to the least.

2. Follow through the list & do not worry if you do not complete the list, especially when you are just starting out with this method.

3. Keep listing & following through till you can finally complete your list for the whole day.

Change in habit or way of doing things do take time, effort and being absolutely consistent with it.

Key thing to this is to be determined & disciplined, to be able to do what you need to do.


Setting yourself free from distractions

If you are the type of person who gets distracted easily, here is a breakdown of some distractions you can relate to & how to overcome them:

Social Media

1. Set a timer that would suit how long you can study continously and put your phone aside. I suggest start short perhaps around 5 minutes.

2. Then take a short break after, this is where rewarding yourself comes in. Reward yourself by doing the things you want. However, do bare in mind not to take long breaks because your brain may shut down & you might see yourself finding it hard to get back on track.

3. Repeat the first 2 steps. But every after break, try setting longer time for studying.

You can also download an application that can help shut your social media accounts down while you study. This is for the people who lack self-control.

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